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7 Tips To Prevent Theft In Your Business

There is nothing more frightening than being the victim of a robbery, especially if it is an armed one. Thefts and robberies are common when you do not have a plan for this type of situation. Without the correct security measures, many businesses are perfect targets for thieves. The good news is that there is new and improved technology in security systems to prevent theft. What are you waiting for? Now is the time to take the necessary steps to prevent your business from being a target for thieves. Here are some of our best tips for increasing security in your business.

1. Greet customers and make direct eye contact

Greeting customers as they enter your business is not only a great way to improve service, but it also sends a message to anyone who walks in that they can be recognized. Remember, thieves don't want to be recognized. Having good customer service forces people to think twice before deciding to commit a crime.

2. Analyze Your Surroundings And Determine Your Vulnerabilities

Obviously, keeping an eye on who's coming in and out of the business is always a good idea. Remember, robberies are usually crimes of opportunity. For example, many businesses near highways are often more attacked, because there is an opportunity for criminals to escape more easily, compared to other businesses away from main streets. It is very important that you know your vulnerable points so that you can prevent a crime. Contacting a security company like Star Alarm Panama can help you determine what your vulnerable points are and how you can improve security and thus avoid being a victim of a robbery.

3. Evaluate Pedestrian Activity

In general, areas with higher activity are less prone to break-ins. Evaluate the amount and type of traffic, the hours of greatest and least activity and see the possibility of increasing the flow of people. When you know the usual behavior of the area, it is easier to detect any suspicious activity.

4. Keep the interior of your business well lit, especially the entrances and exits.

Make sure you have good visibility and lighting throughout the store. Remove any signs or obstructions on doors and windows that may decrease visibility. When there is good visibility, people from outside can see inside the business. This can stop a would-be thief. It also leaves corridors free of obstacles. Burglars don't like to be watched and eliminating places to hide helps keep them out.

5. Don't forget to lock doors and limit entrances and exits

First and foremost, remember to keep the side and rear doors locked. It may seem obvious, but forgetting to lock the doors of your business increases the risk of being robbed. It is also important to limit entries and exits. This forces all visitors to enter and exit through the same place. This way, no one can sneak out of the business with stolen products. Have an extra employee to watch when merchandise arrives at the business, and don't forget to lock up when you're done.

6. Control Cash

Most robberies are for cash. You should avoid having high-denomination bills visible in the cash register. It is important to have a low cash policy. A good way to prevent theft is to have small amounts of cash. And don't forget to post a visible sign with this policy, to inform people.

7. Install a security system

Install a burglar alarm and security system that allows you to easily detect any suspicious activity. Ask Star Alarm Panama about the options in burglar alarms and video surveillance systems available. It is very important not to forget to keep the security system and alarms working 365 days a year. Check that the alarms are working well and if possible install a silent alarm in case a break-in happens during the day. Remember to advise that you have an alarm and security system installed. Put signs and stickers on doors and windows to scare away would-be thieves.


As long as you have things of value, there will always be people looking to steal. It is a risk that every business must contemplate. The best way to prevent theft is to minimize risk and maximize alertness. Staying ahead of potential thieves is the best remedy.

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Franck Ribery
Franck Ribery
Nov 23, 2023

It's always wise to invest in a reliable security system. Locksmith Olympia company can assess your business needs and recommend advanced security solutions like electronic access control systems. Don't compromise on safety!

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